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यमराज ने किया दिल्ली आने से मना - नर्क की ब्रांच खोली जाएगी दिल्ली में|


यमलोक/देवलोक: नरक में जगह भर जाने के कारण भगवन जी ने नारद जी को नरक के लिए लोकेशन हंटिंग पर भेजा था| यमराज की परेशानी देखते हुए नरक के लिए जगहों की तलाश की जा रही है| पर भगवन तो भगवान ही है उन्हें हर समस्या का समाधान मिल ही जाता है| नारद जी को दिल्ली जाने का सुझाव दिया गया|…

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Rubber bikes to be launched to make it easy for bikers moving between cars



Delhi/NCR: Bikers in this part of the country always come up with the unique ways to surpass cars/trucks/buses and get ahead on the road in this unofficial race that keeps on happening on Indian Roads. Sometimes, when roads does not have enough space, footpaths come to the…

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All India Satirists' association(AISA) announces its support for Sunny Leone for next PM Election


 In recent time, writing satires has become quite rewarding. First the jobless, worthless people found money to buy tea from a local tea stalls by writing these satires. Next they have set their eyes on purchasing bungalows like Antilla. From 5rs credits local vendors have started giving them cr…

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Rahul Promises Ration Card for every women in khat pe Charcha, Mass Exit reported..


Rahul and Prashant's "Khat pe Charcha" was able to garner unprecedented response. There were a few attendees apart from congress own people, who were noticed at the venue of these events. It was so impactful that even  those candidates who had decided to contest elections as independent instead of C…

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