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Aadhar Uturn. SC supports Modi's earlier stance.

Pre-Election Era:


Its an old saying that past always comes back to haunt us. Turns out to be the same in case of Our beloved Prime Minister. Who, once was very strong in opposing Aadhar, whenever used for identification purposes, but since election concluded in 2014 has tried to make it…

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Timeline progress: From dumb move to a masterstroke

Contested on the promise of development, BJP declared strong advocate of Ram Mandir as CM. The suspense created was better than any of the C.I.D episode you have watched so far. Four names were doing the rounds Rajnath Singh, Manoj Sinha, Keshav Prasad Maurya and Dinesh Sharma. From media's and BJP …

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How Delhi is going to be transformed in to London in an Year?

Clean Delhi: It aims to target Rahul baba and Modi ji on their foreign trips rather than cleanliness.Delhi/God Only Knows: People who support Kejriwal began to think that Kejriwal is aiming for clean Delhi in another year.

Considering the air quality in Delhi and heat of NCR, it definitely looks like an unreal promise, if not completely fake altogether.  

Congress and BJP have already point…

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Modi's master-stroke to end parliament deadlock

Image Source: Teekhi Mirchi

Image Source: Teekhi Mirchi(

It's been days since parliament last functioned. Any discussion worthwhile is not happening there. Childrens' are being taught opposition people are the one's who stands in well in parliament. Well, Not everything rosy about the picture many bi…

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मोदी का लॉलीपोप

काले धन वालो का काला धन सफ़ेद हो गया,
जिनका सफ़ेद था, खड़े खड़े उनका बुरा हाल हो गया।
भाजपा का चंदा, एलान-इ-जंग से पहले ज़मीनो में नप गया,…

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