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Vikram Bhatt goes to watch audience reaction in disguise, ends up closing down the Raaz franchisee.


Andheri: Its not something new that directors go to cinema halls to watch their movies in disguise, only to see how much audiences have liked the movie. Vikram bhatt recently decided to follow suit and went to a theater in Andheri. "Disgusting" was the first word he uttered after seeing people laughing on the horror scenes he lifted from other Hollywood classics in a similar way he has done in all his recent movies.


The scenes which were expected to give goosebumps to audiences were the one's which invited laughter.  Even kids who accompanied there parents were seen laughing. In one of the scenes where a ghost was trying to scare people by appearing raising his hands forming claws, very close to the camera, kids in the theater were seen making similar poses to scare the ghost.

He immediately called up Mahesh Bhatt and asked him to hold a press conference and inform everyone that idiots of this country are not ready for a futuristic movie like Raaz and hence we are shutting down the franchisee.

When audiences were interviewed post the movie "Funny" was their reaction instead of the scary. It was still not enjoyable, some people informed. There were a few who booked the corner seats accompanied by their girl friends and they were the only one's who found it scary.


Our reporter attended this press conference in which Mahesh Bhatt, that after 4 movies from the franchisee we are shutting down the franchisee to which one guy asked "Leave apart name, ain't you planning stop making these movies or just stopping to use the name?"



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