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Troll_kejri twitter account to be closed for being less funny than the original

Every politician these days has a twitter account and even before they come on twitter, their troll accounts are created. These troll accounts are created, primarily, to make fun of their statements, actions etc. We have troll accounts of Kejriwal, Modi, Rahul Gandhi, even Ravindra Jadeja to name a few. Troll accounts for some industrialists, eminent personalities are also present on twitter.

While the others are doing perfectly great, the one account which trolls Kejriwal is facing identity crisis. We recently caught up with this guy, whose primary responsibility was to make people smile.

R: Reporter  TK: Troll_Kejri

R: How are you doing?

TK: Fine

R: We heard the news that you are planning to shut down the twitter account. Why?

TK: I have facing a tough ask in criticizing someone whose posts himself are enough for making people laugh. Why should we have a troll account for a troll.


R: Means?

TK: I used to troll him initially. but, over recent months i found that his account is himself created to troll Modi ji's account.

R: How does that impact you?

TK: The problem now is, he is more active than me. He troll's everyone from congressi's to BJP. He even trolls industrialists. Still he finds time to review movies. Response to ever damn event happening in any corner of this country. And this, inspite of being full time CM of a state. Its kind of shattering and shamming. It's kind of tough trolling him when the primary purpose of his account is in itself trolling.

R: What are you planning to do next?

TK: I am trying to find a leader who is yet not on Twitter and is popular.

R: Lalu?

TK: Troll account for him is already created.

R: Nitish?

TK: Same.

R: It's going to be really tough

TK: Well yes, this line is pretty competitive.

R: Any last words

TK: Please Mr. Kejriwal. Do some work and let me troll. You are not supposed to be doing this. See how successful the troll accounts for Rahul and Modi ji are. Don't you want your troll to be successful as them. A leader's success these days is measured by the success of their troll account. Have some  mercy.


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