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Timeline progress: From dumb move to a masterstroke

Contested on the promise of development, BJP declared strong advocate of Ram Mandir as CM. The suspense created was better than any of the C.I.D episode you have watched so far. Four names were doing the rounds Rajnath Singh, Manoj Sinha, Keshav Prasad Maurya and Dinesh Sharma. From media's and BJP supporters's point of view Yogi was not even in consideration. But he still found a way to the top. Here is how the timeline fared in the life of an ordinary Bhakt. 

March 18, Morning time. Bhakts discussing UP CM: Modi ji is as master politician and it is going to be between Rajnath and Amit Shah. Amit Shah for reasons best known to them was even considered to be an option. Fact is he was never in the race. 

March 18, Around evening: Yogi was declared the CM of Uttar Pradesh

March 19, Morning: Bhakts: This is indeed a wrong decision. We don't understand why he was even considered.

March 19, Around Afternoon: Paid trolls started to make their presence felt on social media. Comparisons were drawn with previous UP CM's and they supported heavily his argument. It kept on coming till evening. some fake accounts started making points of his liberal nature with people of other religions which were widely circulated on social media.

March 19, Around evening: Bhakts started joining in. Sharing those messages and by the time night came 90% of bhakts coined this as a master stroke. 

.. Then he took oath, and rest is history.



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