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Sidhu to quit Comedy nights, will join BCCI selection committee meetings as guest judge

BCCI has decided to rope in Navjot singh sidhu as the guest judge for the selection committee meetings. Recently formulated members of the selection committee headed by MSK prasad(Sorry its not venkatesh) are M S K Prasad (Chairman), Devang Gandhi, Sarandeep Singh, Jatin Paranjpe, Gagan Khoda.

The important question is how are they and BCCI going to take cricket in India forward from here. Combined number of tests that these guys have played would not bother you, and i don't even remember any one of them playing more than one season. Sarandeep singh is the most heard name, out of all the members. This has more so for his appearance as a cricket expert off late.

There is a guy whose first name is "Justice" and lastname is "Lodha", he recently wrote an an article on this site. The article enlists all the guidelines to be followed for selections while selecting. Since this site is a satirical website, BCCI has rightly chosen to ignore these guidelines.

The BJP affiliation of president has motivated him to call all these meetings Nukkad pe charcha. We contact Mr. Thakur (Not from Sholay) how these "Nukkad pe charcha" will help Indian Cricket in general.

Cricket All arounder Stuat Binny reacting to this development.
More Chances Expected from BCCI now for the talented allrounder.

The Players who get selected to play for India, rarely know what it needs to get selected. Only the guys who were selected for one or two seasons have better Idea what they lack. This is going to help us taking the Indian Cricket further.

We could not understand what he was telling us but wikipedia gave us a better explanation of what he meant. There are some records Mr. Thakur holds which will be difficult for any one to break.

From WikiPedia: 

  1. Early on in his administrative tenure, he gained fame for possibly being the first cricketer to have made his first-class debut after taking over as the president of the state cricket association.
  2. This debut was his one and only first-class cricket match.
  3. This experience in first-class cricket enabled his induction into the BCCI. This helped him from his position in national junior selection committee. Satisfying the condition that only first-class players could be national selectors

Now, post the selection of selection committee, weather rightly selected or wrongly selected, leave a lot of scope of comedies in selection in coming times. Given the popularity of this genre on India television; it was also important to en-cash the genre at the same level as Kapil Sharma. BCCI has decided to hold meetings live and appoint Sidhu as guest judge who would laugh off at every decision they take, similar to something that we'll do.

All the channels have shown interest in showing these meetings in similar lines as the telecast of IPL auctions. Which is encouraging for other cricketers; Especially the never selected one's.


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