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Rubber bikes to be launched to make it easy for bikers moving between cars


Delhi/NCR: Bikers in this part of the country always come up with the unique ways to surpass cars/trucks/buses and get ahead on the road in this unofficial race that keeps on happening on Indian Roads. Sometimes, when roads does not have enough space, footpaths come to their rescue. Some great man once under the influence of weed said

“Necessity is the mother of invention”


It became a famous quote henceforth. Here was a time when people in the automobile sector were seriously thinking about the troubles faced by these bikers on roads to stay ahead have come up with the unique plan to introduce rubber bikes with slim tyres.


On being asked of the advances of this bike, here the reply:


You can bend the handles. It will help you pass through the lesser space. Some adventurous bikers, who are capable of stunts can use the feature to pass from below the bus. No car, no bus and no truck can stop you from staying ahead. This is the future. Company director Tagda Champu, CEO of khujli bikes informed us.


Our reporter Chatur Khujli handed placed his car keys on the table as tears came down his cheeks. Driving on the road was going to be very difficult from this point onwards.


Slim tyres: Slim tyres give you an opportunity to travel through very little space with your current driving habits. Places where fat one’s does not enter, these slim one’s give you a different dimension altogether. Company director Tagda Champu, CEO of khujli bikes informed us.


Mileage: It has a mileage of 200 KM/Ltr.


Chatur Khujli, our reporter asked him what new engine have they devised in order to achieve this tremendous mileage.


Actually to achieve the principles of this rubber bike, we had to get rid of the petrol tank. Now our bike was designed for only those who can push the bikes while riding.


Technically, isn’t this something called a push cycles rather than bikes. Chatur Khujli asked and how did you come up at the mileage of 200 Km/Ltr. Why is this ltr part even there.


Oh That is under test conditions. We tested in extreme himalayan conditions and asked tester’s to come downhill. The entire journey was almost 200 KM and he drank a litre of water during the journey. Hence the mileage. This is marketing my friend. Tagda Champu replied.


He took his car keys back before leaving.

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