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Rahul Gandhi supports NDA candidate’s presidency, BJP cries foul.



BJP was ready for a fierce battle with the upcoming presidential election with the opposition. After Yogi surprised everyone by achieving a CM post in the most high profile election in last 5 years(literally), everyone expected another surprise. From Advani to Sushma to Venkiah Naidu everyone you have heard was in the mix for getting to the president’s post. But Amit Shah still relied on his round robin tactics of candidate selection and chose a candidate(sorry I forgot the name) no one would have dreamt of, even in rarest of dreams. First time in the history of president’s election, Dalit's card has been played. Women card was the last one played by Congress when it got Pratibha Patil to the coveted chair without any fanfare. Unfortunately for them, when she left, she did not have any fans than either. Now, BJP has decided to play the Dalit card.



Little did they knew, how Congress had planned to stop their bandwagon. In all recent elections one thing was common; wherever Rahul Gandhi campaigned, Congress lost. Now, Congress has hit the bullseye by deciding to support the BJP candidate’s presidency and who better than Rahul Gandhi to make the formal announcement. It has also sent down shivers in the BJP camp, who for now have numbers but their morale is low after this latest development.


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