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People from the ruling party have asked PM critics to move to Pakistan. Click to find who moved instead?

First of all, we don't mean to mimic the achievements of our dear PM. For the sake of readers who oppose every achievement, we don't even know what those achievements are, to be honest.

Every now and then members of BJP have been asking opposition member to go to Pakistan. Like in the case of Giriraj Singh, who wanted everyone who does not support Modi to go to Pakistan.

Because of curiosity, We checked with the "Tourism" department(Because there have not been many instances of bilateral talks. This should have been the relevant department) about the guys who left for Pakistan ever since NDA came into power.


To further breakdown the stats, Rajnath went to Pakistan for SAARC summit. His speeches were blocked off from the local channels as per the reports and still he slammed Pakistan in their own land. In short, he did their Kathor Ninda(copyright Rajnath singh) in front of them.

In case you further want to ask why PM went to Pakistan. I am sure you are not a Bhakt and surely not an ardent follower of Narendra Modi. The answer is he went there for a personal function. Rare attribute of these guy, who keep slamming each other front facing to maintain personal relations.

To summarize it further, the guy whose critics were supposed to leave for Pakistan reached first.




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