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Pahlaj Nihalani quits as Censor board chief after Anurag Kashyap acquires rights for making a biopic on Virat's life.


It is noted that according to rumors, it was Nihalani himself who quit from the position and not the way it was projected in media. The reason mentioned below.

Attariya pe lotan kabootar re.


Anurag Checksmates Pahlaj with his latest offering.

Renowned for using cuss words instead of conjunction demonstrated successfully in films like Omkara, Ugly, Dev D and much critically appreciated Gang's of wasseypur Anurag Kashyap has begged rights for Virat Kohli's Biopic.

Pahlaj Nihalani Finally quits Censor board after Anurag Kashyap acquires rights for making a biopic on Virat's life.

When our reporter touched base with Anurag he was quite sure of what he wanted to make and what made him connect with the story of Virat. He told us "BC, i feel too much connected with his way of life.". We could easily sense that MC is the only difference. When we requested Anurag to elaborate on the same, he was quick to clarify any doubts we had that it was about attitude and was not about MC BC, BC(It was part of statement, the first usage were to signify the reference!!!. Hmm.. whatever).

Meanwhile, we are not the only one's who thought more than the way of life its the language that has interested Anurag because Pahlaj Nihalani too has decided to quit following news about Anurag's next venture. His Gangs of Wasseypur is still thought of as the best master piece to include all the slags possible in one language in a single movie. Anurag is also known to throw up questions at Censor board repeatedly. His last outing Udta Punjab raised so much dust that court ruled.

"BC, Banane de isse jo bana raha hai. waise bhi kaun dekhta hai isse"

And all these controversies actually helps otherwise mediocre movies to get big moolah at box office.

Film Industry has meanwhile asked Nihalani to not quit the post as his(censor board's) silly comments bring more controversies(read publicity) to the movies which might have otherwise flopped without even being noticed.

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