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Namo replies to questions on his foreign trips

Modi is looking to silence his critics once and for all.


Delhi: Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi is visibly tired of facing opposition critics on every foreign trip. Modi has chosen to reply to all the critics at once. He has taken a page out of King Ashoka's book about his quest for Akhand Bharat.

Opposition may certainly think that he is out of context here.Opposition still targets him for pushing his Hindu biased agenda. Muslim clerics may term it as Anti Muslim thing. But somehow it seems Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has found a perfect reply for all the critics and clerics.

In recent past, Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi was on a multi-nation tour for India's candidature talks on NSG. Congress has termed this as a world tour owing to the fact that if you know in first place that it is China who is going to oppose the proposal then why are you doing world tour to impress those who were already in support.

Congress also slammed PM for working under the Foreign Minister profile, as it was the job of Salman Khurshid during their regime. Sushma Swaraj did not respond to us when we asked for her comments on the same.Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi however chose to give a befitting reply to all with the image below.




Modi: Meri Bhavnao ko samjho
Modi: Bhavnao ko Samjho

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