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NAMO app to include NamoTV feature, Zee news in a fix about their work now.


The national app of India Namo App, which shows all the updates related to our beloved prime minister has launched another feather to its cap. This time they have launched something called NamoTV. The purpose of this is to give live telecast of all the speeches PM gives or the events he attended. In short, it is the political version of big boss with only one man in the house, i mean out of the house or may be country. Whatever!!


What seemed like an inventive idea has got their most loyal supporters furious. Yes, recent employee engagaement survey conducted by BJP had shown zee news as its most obedient employee. It always comes out in support of their decision, even if some fractions of their own party complains about it.


With Namo TV launching, people have started to questions the relevance of Zee news big time. It was anyways working on those lines. Some insiders in the channels also claim Namo App has actually stolen their idea. BJP is run like an IT company. So, some also see this move as a cost cutting measure which can in future impact Zee news turn over.

What they need to do now, is to rediscover their identity.

This article is written as a satire and it has no Realness to it, in this anyways faking world. Hope you do enjoy




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