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Modi's master-stroke to end parliament deadlock

Image Source: Teekhi Mirchi

Image Source: Teekhi Mirchi(

It's been days since parliament last functioned. Any discussion worthwhile is not happening there. Childrens' are being taught opposition people are the one's who stands in well in parliament. Well, Not everything rosy about the picture many bills are pending to be discussed. Nation is watching and nation wants to know(even in Arnab's absence) how parliament logjam is going to end. With none of the parties in opposition willing to sacrifice their position this game is heading towards a stalemate.

Speakers of both houses have already started mulling with the idea of introducing red,yellow,green cards like the one's in football to handle parliament in a better way. But the bill to get this implemented is also pending discussion as are so many others important bills.

Road transport safety bill which has been making watsapp rounds since ages(2014, precisely) is also rumored to be pending. How is everything going to resolve?

Now the numero-uno of BJP, our beloved Prime minister has come up  with a masterstroke plan to get rid of this deadlock and resolve it once and for all. The solution, according to him, lies in a signboard which will read:

This area is called well only because of its shape. This is not the place from where you can collect water. Water facilities are available in the drinks lobby outside the hall. You can order for drinks as well. Cafeteria, which also runs on tax payers money, can also be used for other drinks.

BJP parliamentary functions minister has already termed this as a masterstroke and it is touted as the best measure to have been taken in last 70 years. This is the same statement which was used to describe demonetization and seems likely to have become their token template for the decisions taken by our beloved prime minister.

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