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Manager fired from an MNC after he fails to write Sent from my IPhone in official mail



Checking Emails and replying to them during odd hours and expecting work to be done by employees during Non working hours is one of the trademark underlying truth of this industry. However, if rumours are to be believed, One reputed MNC has fired a CEO because his mail during odd hours did not have signature “Sent from my IPhone” usually expected from people at his position.


Anonymous sources under condition of anonymity told us it was expected from a person that senior to always have that signature. See the CEO of this company is leading the way for all of us. I checked once he wrote a mail from his desktop and wrote the signature text. So how can someone working under him dare not follow him.


We contacted the terminated manager and he told us i don't have an IPhone. I carry Samsung flagship model. On questioning company’s response on this; well they told me even the CEO carries LG but never forgets to add the line from his phone. It is status symbol.


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