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GOT S8 to have more than 100 episodes. Ekta Kapoor hired as series consultant by HBO

GOT s7 started with a controversy surrounding the number of episodes it is going to have. After much debate, HBO finally gave in and decided to stay with the maker's vision of staying with 7 episodes. After the season is over, many in the audience and more notably in the HBO offices are still confused why the series could not be stretched to have 10 episodes.

Picture Title: Three or more songs also to be picturized on Daenerys and Jon Snow. 

An official statement from HBO office reads


These TV shows running all over have 25 episodes and some episodes even are running without a story. Here we are, traveling too fast and not even sure on how the hell we are going to make up for the costs if we can’t create 10 episodes with so much story line.

The Indian serials have been running for years before they realize they forgot to have a story for it. But by the time audience ask for a story they simply take a generation leap and start the same damn thing again from the scratch.


The recent example of Sasural Simar ka where the entire story, screenplay, dialogues were to be created in 14 days along with shooting before the episode finally airs has also impacted the channel.


Last time we thought we could earn enough from the series that we decided to give a go ahead to the season with 7 episodes. Hackers left alone, we are anyway not the first ones to telecast it. Most of them had already seen it before we telecast.


For season 8, we can not buy the idea of 7 episodes and we need to have more to cover the cost of the current season. We have decided to have Ekta Kapoor, a renowned tv bigwig from India providing consultancy to GOT on how they can stretch the series in 10 episodes...


But the storyline we sent to Ms. Kapoor, she told us they minimum she will need to 100 episodes for the first episode itself. Now we are sure that we are going to make profits out of them.


We heard the assistant telling from back “Sir we forgot the attachment. She derived 100 episodes only from the content of the email”. GOT will not end, never, as the audience wanted. Ekta Kapoor is the next big thing in Hollywood after Deepika and Priyanka and she will be here to stay.


ये लेख सिर्फ मज़ाक के तौर पे लिखा गया है। इसका सत्य घटनाओ से कुछ लेना देना नहीं है। यदि ये आपकी भावनाएं आहत करता है तो आपके कंप्यूटर स्क्रीन पर सीधे हाथ पे ऊपर की तरफ कांटे का निशान है, कृपया करके उसे दबाये और इस लेख से मुक्ति पाए।

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