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The friendly neighbourhood chaiwala.

   70 years after India independence everything has changed culture, values, humanity has gone for a spin, people have become more money minded. Reservations have increased to a record high. General category will soon become an extinct category but there is one thing that has been consistent in all these years and that is the inaccurate weather predictions given out by our very loved meteorological department.

I was in last year of our college, when met department had predicted for a rain that day. The weather outside certainly looked like it was going to rain that day. Cloudy afternoon it was. We, a group of four friends, went outside for tea at the local tea stall owner. To our disbelief he had not put up the umbrella to save his belongings from the thunderstorms predicted for the day. We advised him to put it up. He was a 60 year old guy just looked towards the sky and told us its not going to rain today. We laughed him off and warned him that it will be for his own benefit if he puts up his umbrella. He ignored us. It took us a day to acknowledge the fact that he was indeed right.
we moved on in life. I was personally recruited by one of the high profile MNC. I went back 10 years later to the same stall owner. It was cloudy that day as well but sun was out. To add on to that Met dept had not predicted any rain. It was expected to be a hot day. This time, however, he was sitting inside an umbrella and like all the dutiful advising citizens of India, we again advised, baba its not going to rain today. A bit cloudy but no rain predicted. He again ignored us. We took our cups and instantly came a thunderstorm. 90% watered tea was further diluted. But we were in awe of this old guy who does more accurate prediction than our high profile met department.
Before leaving i asked him how he does so much better prediction than our met department. I still remember those golden words, the words of wisdom that he told me.
he told us: Pappu(u know who?) hain Saale.

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