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Bollywood Pandus line up for Game Of Thrones S7 Ep1 Remake Rights


Nudity, cutting throats, extravagantly ridiculing dialogues are things we apparently link with Game of Thrones, which came back with its seventh season on Sunday. No one in Bollywood has dared to even touch those section of GOT which this American Tele series touches season after season. Something, however, changed with season 7. The first episode has none of the elements GOT is famous for and its loyal audience kept waiting. Obviously, they showed shit, but that’s it. Arya Stark killed entire house Frey but not in the usual style GOT is famous for, or famously shown in the red wedding episode, the episode which shocked the entire GOT fan world.



It was the most boring episode for some of the fans and some called it lame. But by the standards of stories usually shown in the A-List flicks in bollywood, even this was too hot to handle stuff. Guess what’s next? Some of these A-List directors have approached GOT team to remake the first episode into bollywood movies. One of them incidentally told us he plans to create a baahubali type franchisee from the first episode itself.



Anekta kapoor, famous veteran of bollywood wants to edit the story and make a series of unlimited episodes for Hindi audiences from this first episode itself. She expects this one to break the record of “Kyuki Baap bhi kabhi Bachelor tha” which is the current record holder of most torcherous tele-series ever telecasted on Indian TV screens.


Even our “Anurag basu censor chief” accidentally joked after watching first episode that even he could not find more than 10 scene which could be chopped off from the episode. Only he knows what those 10 scenes are?


From bollywood point of view, it was anyways very sensational. I mean, see, there was a woman body whose parts were snatched out of the body and shit, literally. Still, it was considered a lame and dull episode. So, you may guess what other episodes are like. The final dialogue from one of main character still got everyone excited.


“Shall we begin”


For many GOT fans, it symbolises nudity and extreme violence to follow.

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