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Big SetBack for BJP, Rahul Gandhi decides to join BJP


In a major blow ko BJP’s 2019 plans and run up to the coming assembly elections it has now came to light that Rahul Gandhi has officially decided to join BJP.

Narendra Modi on learning his future is in jeopardy

Narendra Modi on learning the development

With several assembly polls lined up over the next two years to followed up by the Lok Sabha elections, this seems to be a perfectly timed move. It is yet to be understood who was the driving force behind this decision. BJP’s think tank certainly thinks that it is prashant Kishore who has come up with this strategy to dismantle the BJP and avoid a congress mukt bharat.




Rahul’s leadership in congress has been the main reason because of which Modi’s dream of congress free India still find takers.     Rahul is now considered Jinxed in politics. Wherever he goes, failure follows. From Happy hunting ground in Manipur to Uttar pradesh, Everywhere he went failure simply followed him. Even Akhilesh, who did not fare that badly when compared his father and predecessor was white washed after he aligned himself with Rahul Baba.


As per the rumour mills, Prashant Kishore, The master strategist, who only had positives in his portfolio was ruined as soon as he tied up with Rahul Baba. After current round of suffering’s Prashant was asked for his suggestions for revival of Congress party. The only suggestion he gave was to send Rahul baba as an undercover operative to BJP. The operating members of congress party , however, disagreed. The only objection they had was to send him as a full time member not as undercover operative.

Since BJP party core committee was reluctant to induce him as a member in the party, Rahul baba simply gave a missed call to the BJP number and became a member, as is the case with BJP, when it comes to making members.


Following are the advantages of this decision, which can be seen in short term:


  1. Volunteers Happy

  2. Election rally

  3. Congress candidates saved from Rahul Speeches

  4. New leaders can emerge from the ruins of Congress party

Same can’t be said for BJP, who are now at the most crucial point of their journey

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