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Yogi as CM: It is indeed a masterstroke from BJP central leadership.

Yogi AdityanathLucknow: Yogi Aditya nath or Yogi ji, as his followers call him with all due respect has been made the face of BJP in UP. Having been elected CM of the state, all the Media channels and PR agencies have been assigned with the task of rebuilding his image. It includes the process where he will himself be maintaining a calm on various controversial topics he indulged in past. There were quite a few who were surprised with Yogi ji's selection as the head of BJP government in Uttar Pradesh.

There are actually a few very good reasons why he was elected and why it should seriously be considered a master stroke by ModiJi. 

1. It keeps him busy and at a distance from the media houses: In the past few years, Yogi ji was chased by Media houses when their TRP's dip. Much to their delight he never shied away from giving another viral breaking news. He always keep central leadership on the toes with what he could come with next. Since he was considered a godman and had a goodwill amongst his followers no one could actually question him. There was no way how he could be asked to keep away from speaking, as speaking is the most important skill for his outing as a yogi. Central government had their piece of cake when BJP threw the SP government out of power to lay claim on the most powerful state in Indian Politics. Now a member of ruling party should not be speaking those thing which he always did. What can they do? Same thing which teachers do when someone in the class is the most undisciplined student of the class. Make him a class monitor and that's exactly what they have done

2. First order since election, and he asked everyone in his cabinet to stay away from controversial statements. Something that he never did why BJP was out of power. From learned sources, it is learnt that he is the role model and with a variety of statements on every unimportant issue that he has given. He can easily be a role model for everyone in the cabinet and party on what not to be. 

3. #Mandirwahibanayege: He has often said, Ram Mandir is not his political agenda but his mission this life. His guru, Baba gorakhnath are Ram followers, if i am correct on this. Making him the CM of state, BJP has actually made all their ardent supporters happy. Not sure, if that will be enough for making it as BJP will be interested in getting a favorable President before proceeding on this. So, while that happens, let him talk development. 

4. He has the administrative experience, which people complain about: He was the star campaigner. He was also the one who was given repeated opportunities in Modi ji's platform's to speak. In his constituency as well, he managed the campaign very well as per the BJP sources. And believe me these politicians are only for guiding. State babu's are the one's doing daily core jobs a state requires. These politicians only hold the signing authority and how well they handle these babu's. So that shouldn't be a problem. 

5. Two well capable deputy CM's to make sure development, whatever development they want, won't hamper. 

6. Making a saint CM they have taken the cast system out of the picture. Yogi, has better reach on the backward castes, who form the majority of his supporters. If numbers are anything to go by. 


It is, indeed, a master stroke by BJP central leader in making Yogi CM of Uttar Pradesh. 


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