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Secularism Decoded.

By standard definition Secularism is:

Secularism is a belief system that rejects religion, or the belief that religion should not be part of the affairs of the state or part of public education.The principles of separation of church and state and of keeping religion out of the public school system are an example of secularism.


This is the definition you would get once you search for the word on Google. But how it is treated in India is far from deducing that India is a secular country.


In India


1. If you slam any religion except one, you can be called a secular guy. Don't even think about getting on the lines where you start questioning this particular religion because you will become communal as soon as you put you foot on the pedal. So is everything right in there? No, but still questioning that you will see people from all walks of life questioning your integrity. 


2. Their religious leaders can go about preaching religious conversions but if you try to convey the goods of your religion to their people you become communal. You become the guy preaching hatred.


3. The religious leaders always come out with statements of support before any elections and their grounds are strictly on religious line, still they are secular. 


4. You always find people from their religion joining terrorists/ supporting them still they are the one's peace loving and we are the one's against it. 


5. The minorities in countries where they are majorities are suffering to an extent that people have stopped reporting about them. Still when it comes to our country an individual fight can become a political matter of religious appeasement for the politicos. 


6. Take the examples of Zakir Naik(not the guy but the people still supporting him) and Burhan to clearly understand where this country is heading. 


Its not difficult to foresee a scenario 20 years down the line where things will become even more difficult to understand. Ours is the first generation who have things pretty clear in front of them and are still silent. I understand the question in your minds "what can you do?". Let it be. 

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