Vela Writes



Delhites just became intelligent, by voting for BJP.

After loosing Delhi badly last time around, BJP was in a fix over its future in the capital of India. Loved and accepted everywhere, Delhi however fully rejected them. The 3 leaders who got elected may have been because of their previous work for the constituency. The way Kiran Bedi was made the CM candidate did not receive much favor with the RSS as well, which somehow stopped supporting the party. Now with MCD elections, BJP has somehow resurrected itself in the state. The issue with this entire thing is, the promises of clean state and road development they made while getting elected were their share of work from the last 10 years as well. They have been able to convince people somehow to give them another chance. But their chances may soon run out. After 10 years, it's time they finally deliver on their promises of clean Delhi. 

On Social Media, people called Delhites fools even when BJP was the major party with 34 seats, which fell short of majority by the slightest of margins. But when they received only 3, Delhites were ridiculed by the paid trolls all over the social media. Sometimes supported by general public, these people have been ridiculing every non-bjp government and supporting bjp irrespective of their work. With the win in MCD, Delhi has somehow silenced them for a little time. Atleast as long as, It was BJP, which won the last time. 

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