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Another train accident. The infrastructure enhancement now seem to be another Jumla


Another train accident in uttar pradesh has given media another breaking news. This is the same every time, any such incident takes place. People loose lives, some hyper presenter occupies the center stage on every news channel and keeps shouting for the day. Voice mellows down in the coming days and we forget the incident, till another one take place.


As wikipedia mentions there have been more than several such incidents that have taken place in last year. Already two such incidents happened in this year.


These events are not even covered to the extent, they publish/present paid news supporting parties. From the brand of slippers they wear to the daily schedule. People often complains about delays in train. Work getting hampered to live’s lost. Everything is possible with Indian railways. Since administration does not take any step, the best way out of this seems to be sitting on the exit gate while travelling, which in itself is illegal. As soon as you see train travelling out of route jump. Google may also come up with some navigation app for trains.


Sometime back the media was busy running PR for railways minister. Bullet train was the talk of the town. How improved infrastructure will become. But as it seems as of now, those were Jumla’s as well.

Meanwhile these are the helpline numbers if you need one: The numbers are 05101072 and 051921072.



God Bless Indian Railways. God save the departed and injured one’s.


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