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60 Martyrs? who was responsible, Mr. CM?

60 kids died in one hospital in Gorakhpur, as per the news items running on all the channels. Then came some heroic stories on social media where some doctor was trying to arrange oxygen cylinders on personal level. Next day CM Yogi, and Health Minister visited the hospital and demoted the same doctor who was deemed a hero on Social Media. 

So, as he was accountable, we could easily see that ideal punishment for the death of 60 kids would be revoking license which allows them to persue their profession but that has not been the case. So, clearly he is only made a scapegoat as far as reading between the lines is concerned. No Minister is held accountable on a case which should have questioned the role of CM. Hindu-Muslim issues, Beef seem to be a bigger issue than these 60 kids. Are we living in fools world or are we seriously interested in looking out for martyrs? 

No one in political class seems to be accountable. Even the opposition is not making it any big issue or may be they are waiting for next elections which happen to be almost another 4 years away. 

Paid trolls of ruling party are also out there convincing us that the actions taken by CM are the best by a CM in eternity. But then, who is really accountable for all this?

We just lost 60 units of Nation's next building blocks and no one seems to be complaining. Or are we too much interested in searching for martyrs?

If searching for martyrs if the only thing that concerns us, cherish as we just got 60 Martyrs.

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