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Game of thrones season-7 and season-8 spoilers.

Game of Thrones Season 7 Spoiler theories doing the round.

There are a hell lot of videos running on youtube telling you one or the other of GOT spoilers. Here we bring you the best of them

1. Mother of Dragon dies: targaryen blood survives even after she goes. Going by the history of how the series is created one of Jon snow or her is going to die. Jon Snow might, however survive, having already died to be resurrected. His survival might also bring the twist in the season-8 or the last season of GOT.

2. Jamie Kills Cersei: Already known as kingslayer, this is his turn to end the reign of one of the most weirdest minds of GOT. Grapevine suggests he will put cersei to rest. This will also trigger the battle for the iron throne.

3. Bran: Bran will play a crucial role in the battle against the white walkers as the set up suggests, no living individuals can eliminate them. Bran can, however go into history and change the historical events that created them.

4. Dragon with the white walkers: Some also suggest, one of the dragon will be killed only to be resurrected by the white walkers. So, is it turning to be a battle of dragons as well? Sounds Interesting.

5. Season-8: Jon Snow will refuse the iron throne even after thrown in to a position where he could lay a claim on it, ending the battle for the Iron throne.  

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