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[Satire] Pakistan shuts down its tourism industry, Relies on Bhakts for tourists now


Pakistan shuts down its tourism ministry, rely on bhakts to send people to Pakistan. Sounds strange but in last year Bhakts have found a job under PM Pakistan bhejo yojna to find tourists for Pakistan. Pakistan is easier country to reside owing to its Visa liberties which was highlighted when Osama was found living there without Visa for 10 years.


In a twisted set of events, Pakistan has decided to shut down its tourism ministry. As per sources, it now relies on Bhakts to send people from India regularly to Pakistan to aid its ailing tourism. It directly accounts for expenditure cuts and the amount saved has been redirected to Charity foundations run by renowned social servants Maulana Masood Azhar and Hafiz Saeed.  A year back when Shahrukh first reached Pakistan, a lot of his fans reached Pakistan to see him, just like they used to reach Mannat. When Aamir Left India similar thing happened. Then Karan johar reached pakistan and immidiately started making movies. His first movie garnered critical acclaim titled "I am a hindu and i am not a Kaafir". Though Pakistan did not allow him to release the movie as it questions secular and peaceful credentials of their nation. Soon Salman followed and their film industry which was in distress has recovered a bit. Some lesser known names which were sent started acting in their serials and they are reaching India through Subhash chandra owned Zindagi Channel. Subhash chandra is the same person who runs National Deshbhakt news channel "Zee News". People are still waiting for KRK, Tushaar, Rakhi Sawant, Sambhavna, Owaisi, Yogi etc to support Pakistan so that they can actually send some more people over to Pakistan.


Jai Hind. Bharat Mata Ki Jai!!(Just proving my Deshbhakti)


Disclaimer: Don't confuse satire for reality.

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