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Pahlaj Nihalani quits as Censor board chief after Anurag Kashyap acquires rights for making a biopic on Virat's life.


It is noted that according to rumors, it was Nihalani himself who quit from the position and not the way it was projected in media. The reason mentioned below.

Attariya pe lotan kabootar re.


Anurag Checksmates Pahlaj with his latest offering.

Renowned for using cuss words instead of conjunction dem…

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The friendly neighbourhood chaiwala.

   70 years after India independence everything has changed culture, values, humanity has gone for a spin, people have become more money minded. Reservations have increased to a record high. General category will soon become an extinct category but there is one thing that has been consistent in all …

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Rubber bikes to be launched to make it easy for bikers moving between cars


Delhi/NCR: Bikers in this part of the country always come up with the unique ways to surpass cars/trucks/buses and get ahead on the road in this unofficial race that keeps on happening on Indian Roads. Sometimes, when roads does not have enough space, footpaths come to the…

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फिर भी वो नए ज़माने के भगवान् है

तमाशा ये जो हर शाम है 
कहाँ है जो राम है?
हिन्द में कोहराम है| 
भक्ति के नाम पर गुंडागर्दी आम है|

संजीदा ये घमसान है| …

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बिल्डर ने समय पर घर देकर बायर्स को किया परेशान।

Real Story

जेपी ग्रुप के दिवालिया होने का मामला इन दिनों ज़ोर पर है| अब सवाल फिर से वही खड़ा हो गया है क्या घर खरीदने वाले नेताओ दी देख रेख के हक़दार है या चुनावो में भारी चंदा देने वाले ये बिल्डर|…

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