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देशभक्त दीपावली मनाने के नुस्खे॥



इस बार भारत की सबसे प्राचीनतम विद्यालय फेसबुक पर घुमते पत्रो को पढ़कर, हमने जहां अध्यन करके ये तरीके निकले है जिनसे आप मना सकते है एक सच्ची देशभक्त दिवाली। अगर ऐसे नहीं मनाएंगे तो आप देशद्रोही कहलाये जायेंगे। …

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महापुरुषो की महान बातें-2!

Gyanvardhak Baatein

Deeply saddened even after your son secured his career best in exams. Well the reason for this is explained more in the picture.


Courts in India will refer cases to Facebook. Number of likes with get judgment. Part-I

 As per reports BCCI had already zeroed in on a PR agency. But they realized it very late thats its only a satire



Mumbai/Delhi: There are number of cases lying idle in the archives of court libraries. Those who were to get affected with the judgement have passed away years ago. Still, the number of unresolved cases keep on increasing. Court recently appointed a committee to suggest ways through …

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Bitter Truth

[Satire] Rahul lends support to surgeon on strike. Calls Modi anti-surgeon prime minister.

Bilateral Talks were never this fun.

Rahul, a self proclaimed protector of farmers, dalits, non-dalits, muslims, non-muslims(in short all those who don't vote for his party) has opened another frontier of protecting the surgeons on strike. During a speech in some khat pe charcha in a remote UP village he was informed that there is …

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[Satire] Pakistan shuts down its tourism industry, Relies on Bhakts for tourists now


Pakistan shuts down its tourism ministry, rely on bhakts to send people to Pakistan. Sounds strange but in last year Bhakts have found a job under PM Pakistan bhejo yojna to find tourists for Pakistan. Pakistan is easier country to reside owing to its Visa liberties which was highlighted w…

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[Satire] Man who appeared on Arnabs newshour was the first to deny of any surgical strike


40 terrorists killed, 2 soldiers guarding them also reached their end. India claimed a successful surgical strike and Pakistan denied occurrence of any surgical strike. Read on to know why they denied.

At around 4:30 AM, an army man went to the house of a guy to inform him about the sur…

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